Ask Angie: Coupon Organization

Ok, you have a bunch of coupons, now what? Let's organize them!

There are two different ways coupon lovers organize their coupons: The coupon binder and the file box method.  I believe that a combination of both works best for me. Here's a brief description of both and how to get started:

Binder Method 

For the binder method, you cut your coupons and sort them into either category or alphabetically. You then place the clipped coupons into sheet protectors or what I call "baseball card protectors". The number of categories is up to you. Some couponers find it useful to organize their coupons categories by brand.

I have used this method in the past, and I no longer use it because I think it takes a lot more time than the Filing Method. 

 Here is how I made my MySavings binder:


  • 3-ring binder 
  • Sheet protectors, plastic sleeves or baseball card sleeves
  • Dividers or Stickers

Amazon sells Coupon Binder Sets starting at $16.99

Filing Method

The filing or file box method allows you to only clip your coupons when they are needed. File your inserts by date. If you are unsure of the date, look on the fold of the insert. It is printed there in a small font.

  1. Simply label a file folder with the date.
  2. Place all inserts into the folder.
  3. Place the labeled folder in your file box.

This makes so much sense because when it is time to find a coupon, will always list the coupon(s) you need along with the insert name and date. This makes locating your coupons easy!

Which method works best for you?

Binder? File box? It all depends on you! It depends on how much time you want to spend sorting your coupons each week. I love spending only 5 minutes on Sundays to file my coupon inserts, especially since I have the coolest file box ever!

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