Aldi German Week Brings German Fan Favorites to Stores

Delight in German culinary traditions at Aldi German Week! Held in May and September, your local Aldi becomes a German gastronomic hub. Explore the exclusive treats and learn when to enjoy these seasonal specialties.

aldi german week

Have you been craving a Bavarian pretzel or schnitzel? Then you're in luck. Aldi German Week, happening biannually in May and September transforms your local Aldi into a mini Germany.

Get the scoop on how to stock up on limited-time delights from this cheap grocery store, from savory bratwurst to sweet German desserts, and learn exactly when you can fill your cart with these exclusive treats.


What is Aldi's German Week?

Aldi invites you to celebrate German Week twice a year in May and September. Stroll through the store and discover authentic German foods like herring, pretzels, jaffa cakes, and desserts.

Shoppers nationwide look forward to this event, marking their calendars for Aldi’s German Week. It's a time to enjoy German cuisine, from tasty bratwurst to tangy sauerkraut. The festive vibe of Oktoberfest is in the air, making each visit feel like you're in Munich’s famous beer halls.

What You Can Expect to Find During Aldi's German Week: Deutsche Küche and Beyond

During Aldi’s German Week, shoppers will be surrounded by the genuine flavors of Deutsche Küche authentic German foods. The Bavarian Soft Pretzels crumble delightfully in your mouth, while Black Forest ham provides a robust experience reminiscent of Germany’s finest.

The grocery transforms into a gastronomic representation of Germany with offerings from various regions, including spaetzle and sauerkraut, among other tantalizing tastes that evoke the essence of German food culture.

Here's a quick snapshot of some of the German fare customers can expect to see:

  • Schnitzel
  • Pretzels
  • Jaffa cakes
  • Herring fillets
  • Bratwurst
  • Spaetzle
  • Saurkraut

German Bratwurst

During German Week at Aldi, the epicenter of this celebration can be found in the array of authentic German sausages available to customers. You will discover:

  • The quintessential bratwurst
  • The hearty knockwurst
  • The flavorful blutwurst
  • The aromatic bockwurst

Each type provides a distinctive taste that captures the essence of traditional German cuisine. To enhance your sausage enjoyment, consider marinating your bratwurst in beer infused with onions and garlic before grilling it to perfection and serving it with Deutsche Küche German-style pickles.

Jaffa Cakes and Other Sweet German Desserts

Indulge in Aldi’s array of German desserts that celebrate the country’s sweet craftsmanship. Your taste buds can dance to the buttery, crisp notes of a classic frozen apple strudel or rich Bienenstich cake, which layers vanilla mousse and candied almonds for a luxurious bite.

The store aisles transform into an exhibition of sugary desserts with strawberry and orange Jaffa Cakes, hazelnut biscuits, and distinguished Schogetten chocolates ready to please every dessert lover.

Daring palates might gravitate towards Erdnusflips – peanut puffs offering an unexpected savory-sweet experience – or take comfort in seasonal Stollen Bites that connect you with Germany’s holiday spirit. From sumptuous slices of Black Forest Gateau to uncomplicated yet satisfying chocolate wafers, Aldi ensures your German Week is well-stocked with confectionery treasures that make it all sweeter.

Wernesgrüner Pilsner and Other German Beverages

During German Week at Aldi, a delightful array of authentic German drinks is available to complement any meal. Experience the spirit of Germany’s beer-loving culture with a robust Wernesgrüner Pilsner or choose from invigorating non-alcoholic options like crisp apple juice or fizzy sparkling water.

This thoughtfully selected assortment aims to capture the convivial atmosphere found in traditional German pubs and beer gardens right at your own dining table, offering that special feeling of Gemütlichkeit—a comforting cheerfulness best savored among loved ones.

How to Make the Most of Aldi's German Week

Aldi German Week is a limited-time affair, with items like the savory Rouladen—a dish of beef rolled with bacon, onions, mustard, and pickles—making a much-awaited comeback. They’re the culinary celebrities of German Week, and you can expect them to fly off the shelves.

So, what’s the strategy? Get in early, and keep your eyes peeled. Aldi knows the way to your heart is through your stomach, and they stock up accordingly. But remember, these treats are here for a good time, not a long time—so make your list, check it twice, and indulge in those cherished flavors that make German Week truly special!

How to Prepare for Oktoberfest with Aldi's German Week

As September rolls in, it's time to bring the Oktoberfest vibe home. Aldi's got all the essentials for a festive atmosphere, including blue-and-white checkered tablecloths, themed dinnerware, and beer mugs to keep your drinks chilled. Picture your table laden with generous servings of roasted pork, ham hock, roast chicken, and herring fillets, ensuring everyone leaves full and happy.

No Oktoberfest feast is complete without the iconic Wiener Schnitzel. Serve it up with some traditional German potato salad or tangy sauerkraut for a meal that's sure to get people talking. Pair these dishes with a crisp lager or a dry Riesling wine to complement the flavors perfectly.

Fresh Finds: New Additions to Aldi's German Food Selection

During each celebration of German Week, Aldi captures the attention and fascination of its customers with fresh selections from their range of authentic German products. Anticipation peaks as weekly ALDI Finds reveal an array of exotic treats for patrons to explore. In 2023, this assortment grew to include:

  • Peanut Puffs
  • Muesli
  • Cookies
  • Lentil Soup
  • Herring fillets

As shoppers navigated through Aldi’s aisles, they encountered various types of Spätzle on the shelves, such as pre-prepared Käse Spätzle and a selection of frozen pretzels that expanded their access to genuine German gastronomy.


How Can You Make the Most of Aldi's German Week?

Mastering Aldi’s German Week requires a well-thought-out approach. Start by scouting ALDI’s online sneak peeks to plan your shopping effectively, guaranteeing that none of the essential items slip through your fingers. To stretch your dollar, Consider purchasing ALDI’s house brands—they promise both high quality and cost-efficiency.

As you compile your shopping list, remember that timing is crucial. Being early is key to secure the best finds—or wursts, in this case. Since prices and stock levels are subject to change during weekly promotions, staying ahead ensures you snag top deals throughout German Week.

- Vanessa