Score CHEAP Post-Valentine's Day Candy With These Hacks

Get 'em before they're gone!

Get 'em before they're gone!

Now that Valentine's Day is over, the real holiday has started -- Discount Candy Day. While we aren't sure if this is an actual holiday, we're celebrating it anyways. Get your celebration on with these tips to scoring super cheap candy over the next few days.
  1. Go Early

    • Candy shopping is just like Black Friday, you've got to be quick! Give your local stores a cooling off period to markdown their prices, and then head out. By the time you're reading this article, it's already a perfect time to rush over and start shopping!
  2. Discounts -- Go Big or Go Home

    • Don't let the promise of a "sale price" get you too excited. Buy candy that's marked down by at least 50% off. Anything less than that doesn't feel as worth it unless it's a limited edition candy that you truly wanted. Beware of fake sales as well. Some stores will raise the price of their items before putting them on sale. Be sure to check it's "original price" to ensure you're getting a fair deal.
  3. Quality Over Everything

  4. Satisfy Your Tastebuds

    • Don't buy candy you don't actually like just because it's cheap, on sale, or the packaging is cute. Be sure to grab items you'd enjoy or are at least excited to try. After all, it is your money.
  5. Sharing is Caring

    • This is a great time to grab candy for friends and family, too. Not as belated V-Day gifts, but as "OMG I got this for $0.50 and I just had to share with you!" gifts. Candy is a little more fun when enjoyed with girlfriends and a good movie.
  1. Mission Possible

    • If you're able to do so, try going to more than one store. Store managers may have a bit of wiggle room in the pricing of Post-V-Day candy, so trying out two or three places means you may find better deals or exclusive candies that already sold out somewhere else.
  2. Use Those Coupons and Credit!

    • Clipped some coupons recently? Make sure you aren't leaving money on the table. Use all applicable coupons you can, and top them off with store credit, rewards points, etc. Example, you can use your Target REDCard to save an additional 5% off your candy purchases (you can sign up here if you don't have one. It's available in debit and credit!) Makes the sweetess all the sweeter.
  3. Know Your Candy

    • Be sure to check the expiration date of your new treats (preferably before you bring them home). It's also important to know your candy's general shelf life. High-end chocolatiers usually use fresh ingridients in their batches, meaning a lower shelf life. Wrapped bars and hard shell candies usually keep for a quite bit longer.
  1. What's Better Than Being Cool? Ice Cold.

    • No need to eat it all in one day, right? Freeze the candy you won't eat right away and pop the rest in the fridge. When you're ready to eat the freezer candy, defrost them in the fridge the day before. Defrosting slowly helps chocolate maintain a consistent flavor. Oh, yum!
    • Use Ziploc bags to portion out your candy before freezing it for easy access to your treats and a bit of portion control. You can also label your Ziploc bags with the exact candy and filling. Wouldn't you hate biting into nougat when you were hoping for caramel?! Save on Ziploc bags here.
  2. The Candy Shop

    • There are lots of places to grab your cheap candies. Big chains like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Target are good. Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar are also options (watch those expiration dates!) Regional grocery stores like Publix, Sedano's and Piggly Wiggly are good options as well. Don't ignore your local candy shops and small businesses. They are itching to move the V-Day candy out of their stores to make room for Easter and Mother's Day, so they may have even greater sales!

BONUS: Candy bought now can be excellent party favors at birthday parties and baby showers. Try to go for the less-Valentine's themed packaging if you're holding on to the candy for a party. For a baby shower or a girl's gender reveal, grab all the pink and lavender candies while they're here! (only if you're into that, otherwise, candy is candy, and that's goood, too!)

Enjoy the first Discount Candy Day of the year. We'll be back at it again on Easter and Halloween. Happy snacking!

- Christi