61% Off Amazon Echo, Pay $64.99 (Reg $165)

Great Gift Idea!

61% Off Amazon Echo, Pay $64.99 (Reg $165)
Amazon has an Echo on sale for ONLY $64.99 - that's 61% off the regular price of $165.
This certified refurbished Echo is a BIG bargain. Great Mother's Day or Father's Day gift. A Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo is refurbished, tested, and certified to look and work like new.

I LOVE my Echo. I use it to set timers and reminders, help in the kitchen while cooking, to play music, to check order status, and Echo's Alexa also helps my kids with their homework especially with math, history and vocabularly. The Echo get's smarter everyday! You can also have her read audio books. The speakers on this Echo is great and it can pick up your voice from pretty far away in the house.

My FAVORITE feature of the Echo is that you can place orders with it on Amazon add-on items and NOT have to meet the $25 minimum requirement. This comes in handy several times per month.

Two great trials to get with your Echo are

Amazon Music Unlimited - Free for 30 Days
Audible - Free for 30 Days
Kindle Unlimited - Free for 30 days

- Melissa